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As a special thank you to you for being a loyal customer, we will post monthly specials to help you save money. In these difficult economic times, every little bit of savings helps. We at Paul's Garage have been in business since 1928 because we care about you. You deserve a break, so check in with us often and see what specials we are running. Thank you again for choosing Paul's Garage.

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Gas and diesel pumps are available 24/7 with a club card. You'll also find on-road diesel, dyed kerosene, 87 gasoline and 89 non-ethanol gasoline, all on site. Send us an email and we can email an application for a club card back to you.



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We are now accepting old automotive batteries for recycling.



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If you want your car, truck or RV to provide you with long-lasting service, you need to keep on top of your maintenance and repairs. Let Paul's Garage help you to make your vehicle run for years to come. You'll find the finest in high-quality preventative maintenance, repairs, fueling, and the friendliest service that you'll find anywhere. Give us a call  today to schedule an appointment!

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